The Tattnall County High School Canning Plant will be open for business beginning June 1, 2012.  The schedule and canning plant dates are a little different this year due to economic costs and funding.  Please see schedule and services listed below and please feel free to cut this section out and pass the word along to friends and family.

The canning plant facility is located on the Tattnall County High School campus in the blue metal building on the Reidsville side of the main building.  The facility is operated by the school system agricultural department.  Patrons MUST prepare and have products ready for processing.  The processing procedure will be handled by the agriculture teachers.  Products can be processed in cans, with cans provided by the facility for a minimal charge.  Some products can be processed in jars, with patrons providing their own jars.

All types of fruit and vegetables may be canned.  Also, soups, sauces, stews, jams, preserves, salsa, tomato juice and other specialty items can be made and preserved.  Patrons should bring knives, clean cloths, non-iodized salt and other condiments as needed.

A service that has recently become a favorite is the corn creaming service for which patrons can make an appointment on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for corn to be processed.  Patrons MUST call for an appointment to allow full processing of deliveries received. This is essential to ensure that the corn can be processed in a timely manner without the possibility of spoilage.  All corn services that are not booked in advance will not be processed until an opening occurs in the schedule. Patrons must provide their own bags.

Other services offered are the blanching of shelled peas and butter beans for freezing or canning.  Please call for further details of these processes.

With the increase in food prices, this would be a good year to return to using the food processing facility.  Patrons are able to control the quality of the product that goes into the can, as well as oversee the preparation of the food.  The canning plant is an economical alternative to control the rising cost of food.

The Center like to invite patrons to use their services.  Anyone who would like more information or a tour of the facilities, should call 912-557-8999.  They appreciate your business and look forward to meeting new customers.

TCHS Food Processing Center Schedule:
June: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
July: Thursday, Friday
Operating Hours:  
8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Receiving Hours
Note:  The canning plant does not close at 12:00 p.m. The afternoon hours are for processing, cooking, and packing-up of products as well as for cleaning.

Canning: $.65 per can.  Customers must prepare their product and put into cans, the staff will do the cooking process from that point.
Blanching: $2.50 per bushel.  Customers must prep their product for blanching and provide their own bags for freezing.
Corn services.  Shucking, silking, blanching, creaming.
$.25 per ear = shucking, silking, blanching, creaming, freezing
$.15 per ear = silking, blanching, creaming, freezing
$.12 per ear = blanching, creaming, freezing
Corn services can only be done by appointments.
Please call 912-557-8999 if at all possible at least tree days in advance to ensure that your corn is processed in a timely manner.   Don Crumpler, 912-290-1055.