On this week’s front page were two headline stories involving Cobbtown. In the first, Keith Harvey was honored as Cobbtown’s Citizen of the Year. Other nominees for the annual award were George Holland and Charles & Karen Rushton.

Also making headlines in Cobbtown was the rescue of a worker high atop the Cobbtown water tower. The worker had been making repairs inside of the tank when he passed out from apparent heat exhaustion. Crews were brought in from surrounding counties to transport him safely to the ground.

Tattnall County High School’s graduation is May 24 at 8 p.m. at Warrior Stadium.

TCHS Coach Sherry Richards was selected as All-Star Coordinator for the Georgia Athletic Coaches Association North/South All-Star softball showcase game this summer.

And, on the inside of the paper, the community came together and raised $3,500 in a county-wide bucket drive for TCHS student Kyle Altman, who was injured in a vehicle accident in April.

Obituaries this week:
Jacob “Jake” E. Burch, 65
Melanie Coleman Geiger, 53
Mr. Eddie Hutcheson, 64

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