Team Micah held another highly successful fundraiser this past weekend with a softball tournament at the Glennville Recreation Department. A total of 19 teams competed and raised a whopping $7,000 for Micah Smiley and his fight against cancer!!

Quaysean Davis, alumni and star athlete of Tattnall County High School, is earning recognition on the college level now as he’s been given All-West Division honors in basketball.

The third annual Tattnall County Arts Festival was held Sunday at the Tattnall County Courthouse and many visitors enjoyed seeing works from local artists and authors in addition to a book reading by Kathy Bradley.

State Patrolman June (B.J.) Leopold recently retired. Leopold is from Tattnall County and was the first ever female officer in Georgia for the State Patrol.

Obituaries this week:
Eric Franklin Hemphill, 59
Emily Elliot Harris Peterson, 92
L.S. “Pete” Peterson
Azeph D. Rogers, 89

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