The story in Tattnall County last week as been all the RAIN we’ve had! In fact, local public schools were canceled all week due to the poor road conditions, which kept buses from being able to travel the routes to get the children.

Also on the front page are stories on the Tattnall County High School Warrior basketball teams. The Lady Warriors ended their season in the Sweet Sixteen, but the men’s team continued through to the Elite Eight, where they lost out Wednesday evening, February 27 against Johnson High School.

The Greater Tattnall Chamber of Commerce elected a new Chamber president recently … Bradley B. Anderson. Anderson has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber for over ten years. Serving as vice presidents are Kris Brinker, Zuber Malek and Mercedes Saenz.

Obituaries this week:
Gail Purcell Barnard, 60
Mr. E. O. Brazel, 87
Terry L. Dasher, 59
Mrs. Estelle S. Durrence, 94
Hugh D. Oliver, 85

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