This week’s front page leads off with two big weekend events … the annual musical, Tattnall Productions, was held Friday and Saturday to sold-out crowds in Glennville and the 23rd annual Martin Luther King Jr. parade and celebration was held on Saturday in Glennville. Lots to do in Tattnall County over the weekend!

Also on the front page, Tattnall County Extension Agents Cliff Riner and Chris Tyson recently received awards at the 2012 Georgia Association for County Agriculture Agents conference.

And, two fires in Reidsville over the last week caused significant property damage and the near loss of a home.

Obituaries this week:
Mattie Moore Moses, 93
Mrs. Doreenā€ˆH. Register, 86
Mrs. Christine Green Rich, 92
Mr. Arthur L. Rowland, 72
Leonor Huggins White, 81

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