This week’s front page started with a story involving a rabid cat. Cecile Kirkley was bitten by a stray cat at her home outside of Reidsville and is now having to undergo treatments to prevent rabies. The Primary election is just around the corner and voters are now able to vote through the advanced/early voting process. They will also be able to cast a vote on Saturday, July 21.  For a larger copy of the map printed on this week’s front page, you can click on this icon …

Chris Tyson is introduced in the paper this week as a new Tattnall County Extension Agent. There was a vehicle accident involving a Blue Bell ice cream truck carrying 25,000 pounds of ice cream on Hwy. 280. And finally, authorities are trying to locate former Lyons, GA, banker Aubrey Lee Price, who is wanted for questioning in regards to over $21 million defrauded from Montgomery Bank and Trust.

Obituaries this week:
Mrs. Virginia Collins Holland, 78
Benny L. Ratliff, 53
Betty Watson Spaid, 74
James Talmadge Thompson, 81

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