The Tattnall Journal is in the process of updating to a new website, powered through WordPress. If you’ve reached this post today, it has only been minutes since we’ve installed the required software and nothing has been updated yet. Please give us a few days and check back! Eventually, you’ll be able to read the newspaper in a convenient page-turning format online! We’ll also have information that is important to everyone locally in Tattnall County and we’ll feature some of our printing services, which we provide right at our office in Reidsville. We’re excited about the new features to come and hope you will be too! Thank you for your patience!

Allison Cobb, Editor

Recent Comments

  1. Hope us out-of-towners can still AT LEAST see the front page without a subscription…

  2. The Tattnall Journal

    Yes, right now our plan is to post the entire paper online for everyone to read, but we’re not sure yet what we’ll do down the road. Thanks for being a reader!

  3. Us “transplants” appreciate it!

  4. I live in Mount Vernon Washington and it gives me the opportunity to keep up with what is happening in Tattnal County. Being born and raised in the Cobbtown-Collins area, I can see what is happening in my home town area.

  5. The Tattnall Journal

    We love to keep up with all of our out-of-towners and by having a website where it’s easy to leave comments and share feedback, should be a lot easier! Please let me know if there’s something in particular you all are wanting to see. This is a work in progress! :)

  6. Thank you for keeping this free! At least we have one good newspaper to look at now, Tattnall Journal is THE BEST!

  7. The Tattnall Journal

    Thank you so much!!

  8. Looks great. How long will you keep it up this time?

  9. I would like a web (electronic) copy of the house fire on Main Street Story. House occupied by Bill and Chrissy Anderson.
    I’m looking at it in Thursday’s February, 16th edition. Volume 133, No 7.

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