The January 19 edition of the Journal leads off with the sad story of a National Guardsman, Sgt. Steven Coghlan, who was killed after his vehicle hit a Tattnall County School bus. Another story highlights the successful Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. parade held over the weekend. The other two front page stories involve U.S. postal rates going up and a South Georgia conference on growing organic crops.

Please note … This particular edition is NOT online yet. We will try to get some of the back issues uploaded in the next few weeks. Right now we are focusing on building the site and keeping the most current issues up-to-date. Thank you!

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  1. really don’t know how to find anything, I was looking for the obits and can not find it. I liked it better the other way. Thanks

  2. The Tattnall Journal

    Thanks for the note! We don’t have the whole new website set up yet, and all of our archives that we had on here before aren’t uploaded yet. On the January 26 link, you can click on the front page and view the whole paper. I don’t have it set up yet for the January 19 paper. I just started re-designing everything last Friday so it’ll take me a couple of weeks to get it all on here. But when I do, it’ll be great!!

    Stay tuned and thanks again,
    Allison Cobb

  3. Who,s brain storm was it to mess up a good thing? If your watch is not broke, DON,T fix it ..Go back the way it was.Leave a good thing alone.

  4. Who,s( brain storm) was it to mess up a good thing?If your watch is not broke don,t try to fix it .Go back to the way this paper was.Some people just can,t leave well enough alone.You messed up a good thing.

  5. The Tattnall Journal

    Sorry you’re not happy with the new site. On the old site, you could view the paper by clicking on the pdf link and it is the same way with this new site. See this week’s post …

    I do the website for the Journal at the office, as an employee, and I prefer using the WordPress program instead of our old outdated program, which is no longer in production anyway. It’s easier for me to use and attempt to keep up-to-date since I can also access it from home.

    I’m not through tweaking it yet so maybe give it a few weeks and check back. Thanks for reading & for the comments!


  6. j

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