It’s time once again for “Flashback Friday”! Each Friday,¬†we’ll post some random old excerpts from The Tattnall Journal in the early years. It’s totally going to be random, so please don’t send special requests for articles. Our early papers are in very poor shape and are extremely brittle. Many of them we don’t allow the public to view anymore as they are the last remaining copies that we know of.

This Friday features more clips from 1915. You can click on the images for a larger view. Enjoy!

Recent Comments

  1. As usual, I always enjoy taking a peek at life from the early 1900’s. When I read about Foley’s Kidney pills, I thought of someone who might have tried it!! lol

  2. Though I live in a northern state (Illinois) I look forward to and enjoy Flash Back Fridays at the Tattnall Journal thanks to my cousin Melanye Narcarti in Glennville who sends me a link to the page each Friday (and Tuesday, too!) I got a kick out of the Foley Kidney Pills ad. The claims and wording are so quaint. Best of all, though, was the article on the men’s head gear. Imagine any kind of ruckus being stired up by adding a colored feather to a mans hat band or the change over from knickerbockers to trousers. Enough to warrant an article in a newspaper? What would they think back then if they could see into the future and see the fashions of today’s youth? What a charming and innocent era to have lived in back then.

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