This is the second installment of “Flashback Friday”. Each Friday, I’ll post some random old excerpts from The Tattnall Journal in the early years. It’s totally going to be random, so please don’t send special requests for articles. Our early papers are in very poor shape and are extremely brittle. Many of them we don’t allow the public to view anymore as they are the last remaining copies that we know of.

This Friday, I took some photos of different things from the year 1915. You can click on the images for a larger view. Enjoy!

Recent Comments

  1. My favorite this week is the article about the thief! I just laughed!! Also, I wonder what the women’s tonic ingredients were. Must have been something good!

    I am REALLY enjoying Flashback Friday! Thanks Allison!!

  2. The Tattnall Journal

    Thanks, glad you enjoy it!! :)


  3. Thanks again for the new installment of Flash Back Friday. I also wondered what the ingredients were in the Cardui Womans Tonic. Surely something alchoholic! Imagine announcing for all the world to see that you GAINED 35 lbs! And who wants that much energy that you can run a water mill?

    I also got a kick out of the thief stealing the gentlemans trousers through the open window one night and then returning them the next day. Maybe the size was all wrong. HA! Sounds like a story right out of Mayberry. I hope Reidsville had a sherrif like Andy Taylor on staff!

  4. Love the Friday Flashback articles, especially the “The Woman Tonic..gained 35 pounds, funny how times have changed now days we look for something that will make us lose 35 pounds and still makes us feel good.

  5. My favorite is the train ad. My grandmother has told me many stories of her riding the train when she lived in Glennville.

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