In an effort to add a few more things to the blog, I’m going to try and start a “Flashback Friday” segment. Each Friday, I’ll post some random old excerpts from The Tattnall Journal in the early years. It’s totally going to be random, so please don’t send special requests for articles. Our early papers are in very poor shape and are extremely brittle. Many of them we don’t allow the public to view anymore as they are the last remaining copies that we know of.

This Friday, I took some photos of different things from the year 1912. You can click on the images for a larger view. Enjoy!

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  1. Now, this is really fun to read. I had to laugh at those 2-digit phone numbers. Also, the ad about repairing, and getting ready, your car for the Summer! lol Was that the only time they drove it? Of course I love the one about not borrowing your neighbors Tattnall Journal. That sounds just like something Ms. Alda would write! hahaa

  2. Love it! This is the greatest! Even Savannah Morning doesn’t do this. Outstanding work, thank you for sharing this, we are fortunate to view it.

  3. Am I the person who lives the farthest away to visit? I live in Bartlett, Illions, a suburb of Chicago and my cousin Melanye who posted here and also lives in Glennville sent me the link to read this page. What a wonderful and unique idea to start a column like this on a once a week basis. I truly enjoyed getting in the Tattnall Journal time machine and traveling back long before even my “own” time. THANK YOU, Alison, for bringing the past back to life for us. I’ll be checking in every Friday for the next trip back in time!

  4. The Tattnall Journal

    Thanks, Pam!! Knowing you, you’d LOVE to pour through these old copies of the Journal! :) I love them. There’s always something that makes me crack up when I read them. I’ve already got the next two Friday posts ready to go! Glad you like them!


  5. Alison, I’m counting on Melanye to remind me on Fridays about this column. I thought the ad of the lady in the fashionable hat of the times looked much like a dressed up “oaken bucket” that was mentioned in the Coca Cola ad next to it! I have bookmarked this site. I love it and look forward to reading more. Thank you for your creative talent.

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