Reidsville resident Ashley D. Sharpe, 29, was shot in Lyons last Friday afternoon. Sharpe and another woman, Barbara A. Polke, were in a vehicle when the shooting was said to have occurred. The incident is under investigation.

A Toombs County 5-year-old, Rodney Lozano, was killed in a vehicle accident. The vehicle had several minor children in it and was being driven by a 14-year-old.

Suspects in the Long County kidnapping, assault case have been arrested in Columbus, Ga. Cedric Harris was arrested after shoplifting and Christie Culberth turned herself in afterwards.

There were two different house fires in Reidsville last Friday. Both homes were completely destroyed.

And The Tattnall Journal is welcoming a new editor on-board. Casey Stoddard of Statesboro is the new editor, replacing long-time editor, Allison Cobb, who has been working reduced hours in order to focus on her photography business. Allison is still affiliated with the Journal.

Remember to get out and vote on Tuesday, July 22.

Obituaries this week:
Judy Blocker Dubberly, 71
Rodney Edward Lozano, 5
Curtis R. Lynn, 92
Larry Way McCall, 93
James R. “Bubba” Sapp, 59
Larry Alton Spence, 68

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