Sad news leads off the paper this week with the death of 13-year-old D’Marco Lee Castro, who drowned Monday afternoon, June 9, in the Ohoopee River near Jarriel’s Bridge.

With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, we have a feature story on the life and legacy of J. Lewis Lynn, who passed away January 9, 2013.

It’s a big pageant week next week in the state of Georgia! We are featuring two of our local girls who will be competing in the state pageants. Harley Strickland will be up for the Miss Georgia crown and Sarah DeLoach is competing for Miss Georgia’s Outstanding Teen.

Twelve people were arrested in connection with a reverse prostitution sting in Statesboro.

SSG Michael Murphrey was killed in Afghanistan on September 6, 2009. He and other soldiers were out looking for American soldier Bowe Bergdahl, who had vanished in July 2009. Bergdahl was recently recovered by the US in a swap for five Taliban prisoners.

Obituaries this week:
Mrs. Cuba Gay James, 94
Ms. Earlene James
Mr. Ray Kynerd, Jr., 85
Mr. Robert Primous, Jr., 87
Dari Dee Pruitt, 54

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  1. Chrystal Castro

    D’Marco Lee Castro was or is my son, my baby. He didn’t have to die. This drowning should have and could have been prevented. D’Marco’s father and I have been married for 19 years and didnt allow our children to go to that part of the river. Actually, all three of our children ages 17, 13 and 8 have never been to that part of the river ever. Marco spent thwe night with one of his best friends with the condition that he was suppose to come home by 8-9:00 the following morning. As strict as we are with our children I assumed the boys stayed up late talking to girls on fb thru the night and was sleeping late. Although their would be restrictions to Marco being disobedient went thru my mind as the morning passed never did I expect for a detective and deputy to knock on my door to twll me to get to the river asap because my precious newly teenager with such a bright future had been took to the river without my knowledge and was seen go under the water and couldn’t be found. I don’t know why I’ve felt it necessary to tell the othed side of what was printed in the news article but living without my son is hell for me everyday. It still feels like it happened yesterday. My sons life will not have stopped on the 9th. Thru this tragedy I am hell bent on making sure noone else drowns there ever again. I would tell my son often, Baby you are going to accomplish some great things in your life because its rare for anyone to have the ambition and determinarion. So now instead of thinking all that has been lost I am thinking maybe their is a way thru the courts system and our communities to make sure D’Marco will have accomplished something really great.

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